Strokes and Maneuvers

September 19th

9–1pm. Cost: $75 per person

In this class we will assist paddlers in refining their basic paddle strokes and maneuvers. Our overall goal is to increase your paddling and maneuvering efficiency, fluidity, and control. You can bring your kayak to practice in or WROTC will provide a kayak and all necessary rescue gear. We will cover the following:

  • Forward and reverse strokes
  • Sweep strokes
  • Beam and sculling draw
  • Sculling for support
  • Low and high braces
  • Static brace turns
  • Bow and stern rudder
  • Side slip hanging draw

As this is a 4 hour class be sure to bring snacks, plenty of water, and sunscreen.
Minimum Age: 16 years. Prerequisites: No prior training.


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