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Horn Point

1008 Horn Point Road, Virginia Beach VA 23456

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  • Hours of Use: Sunrise to Sunset. Closes each year during the migratory bird season
  • Parking: One handicap parking place. 11 vehicle places available. No trailer parking
  • Launch Access High water levels: Launch close to the entrance of the parking lot on the left as you enter. Concrete boat ramp
  • Launch Access Low water levels: Launch on the south side of the parking lot behind the residents RV (which takes care of the facility).
  • Launch Access Sand beach access: Low water levels: Launch on the North side of from the parking lot across the field. Muddy beach access
  • Water Conditions: Tannic water with wind driven tides
  • Boat Traffic: Boat traffic possible but rare close to the launch
  • Facilities: Restrooms
  • Solitude: Quiet location
  • Cost: Free