Lesner Bridge Launch

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3576 Piedmont Circle, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

  • Hours of Use: 24 hour access
  • Parking: 92 regular parking spaces, 2 handicap parking spaces, 82 trailer parking spaces, 3 handicap trailer spaces
  • Launch Access: Beach launch access - Accessibility from the parking adjacent to when you first enter the lot is a small walk to the beach with approximately 25 yards of sand.
    Boat ramp access - Accessibility from the boat ramp is easy varying with the number of boaters, be aware the cost of the ramp does apply if used.
  • Water Conditions: Saltwater, tidal with strong currents
  • Boat Traffic: Heavy
  • Facilities: Restrooms and showers
  • Solitude: Popular area
  • Cost: $2.00 parking fee for cars and free kayak launch with beach access. $15.00 parking fee and the use of boat ramp launch if used. Exact change is necessary for parking