Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge

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Location A

Location B

  • Hours of Use: Sunrise to sunset. Closed October 15th through March 15th for migratory birds
  • Parking Location A: No parking in the circle this is allows room for trailers to pull in and launch boats. On street parking is allowed outside the no parking area next to the water entrance
  • Parking Location B: 2 Handicap parking spaces. 6 vehicle spaces next to the pump house
  • Launch Access: No paddling or use of the water within the impoundments. Impoundments are defined as a water source that is not accessible by a public boat ramp. Because of this limitation there is no launching next to the pump house because this water is an impoundment
  • Access Location A: Easy launch with a gravel ramp into the water
  • Access Location B: Moderate launch with a mid-level low dock entrance. Short walk from the parking area to a moderate launch location
  • Water Conditions: Wind driven tide
  • Boat Traffic: Minimal to none
  • Facilities: None
  • Solitude: Quiet
  • Cost: Free